5 claves para crear segmentos y aumentar tus ventas

5 keys to create segments and increase your sales

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Imagine going to a clothing store looking for blue clothes. However, the person who provides you with customer service only offers you red clothes. Why? Because he doesn't know your interests and tastes. For this reason, it is very important to identify tools that help you get to know your customers in order to offer them what they are looking for, and to be more likely to buy your products.

To do this you need to use one of the most powerful concepts in the world of email marketing: Segmentation.

Did you know?

  • Highly segmented lists generate more than triple the revenue per recipient than non-segmented lists, according to the Segmentation Benchmark Report published by Klaviyo.

  • 39% of email marketers who practice list segmentation see better open rates and 24% see increased sales leads, according to eMarketer .

But what is customer segmentation?

It's simple, we can define it as the categorization or division of the entire customer list according to defined criteria, which can range from the most basic (geographical, age, gender) to the most advanced (products and categories that buy the most or interests in one or multiple topics).

By segmenting your audiences, you can send a message with which the client feels more identified, more relevant, so it can be more effective in provoking action from our client ”, recommends the head of Client Growth, Obeth Seguinot.

Having a segmentation base, you will be able to create more relevant messages for each group of customers.

Mariano Cárrega, Klaviyo expert, highlights a concept that is important to understand, and that is that in every campaign the objective is: to send the right message, to the right person at the right time. “ In this way, the segments offer you a great help in achieving this primary objective in your marketing communications, ” he says.

This is why if you have a store and you have not yet created a segmentation strategy or are planning to launch the e-commerce of your dreams, this series of recommendations will help you analyze your segments and achieve better results in your email marketing strategies . Let's start by knowing what the advantages are!

5 benefits of creating segments

  • Personalize the content

Capturing the attention of your customers is essential to get them to buy your product. That is why it is important to correctly choose the messages that you send to your customers, and to achieve this it is very important to make a good segmentation.

Segmentation helps you work on more personalized content in email marketing campaigns ”, says Verónica Muñiz, account manager of our ED Digital agency. In this way, you will be able to send the right message, at the right time and to the right person.

In addition, Lucía De Dominicis, ED Digital account manager, complements by saying that it is better to speak to the right audience than to a large mass of people who have nothing in common. “ At first glance it seems that it is better for the message to reach as many people as possible, but it is much more effective to send fewer emails, which are personalized, to better question your audience ”, says Lucía.

  • Improve the results of your strategy

By knowing your customers, knowing how to communicate with them, and understanding what messages work, you can see the effect on the results you get from the emails you send.

A good segmentation will help you maintain healthy metrics in the database, ” says Verónica Muñiz, who works with different brands with a presence in the United States and Puerto Rico. Through segmentation you can obtain good opening, engagement and revenue rates .

  • Maximize your ROI (Return on Investment)

When you get measurable results, your e-commerce store or your customers can monitor the effectiveness of their efforts in relation to the amount of sales. “ By being able to better measure which audiences respond to marketing messages, you can increase the return on the investment of resources, time and money that you make in the strategy ”, says Obeth Seguinot, head of Client Growth at ED Digital.
    • Optimize operating costs

    Email marketing service providers , such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp, measure the number of emails sent and accordingly, on certain occasions, charge for their services. Tip: If you do the right segmentation, you could significantly reduce your expenses.

    Targeting allows you not to waste messages (and money) on people who aren't interested in a particular message ,” says De Dominicis.

    4 types of segmentation that you should include in your strategy

    You already know the benefits of segmentation, now discover four essential segments for any email marketing or e-commerce strategy , recommended by the Klaviyo Expert, Mariano Cárrega :

    • Engagement segment . It is important to work with the main ones (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days since the last interaction with the emails). This allows us to be sure that we are communicating with people who are really interested in our brand and, in this way, we do not put our reputation and deliverability at risk ”, says Mariano.

    • Recent Buyers segment (or recent buyers). This allows us to exclude people who have recently bought from us so that we don't send them frequent promotional email campaigns or offers. In the event that we are sending an email with only content, it would not be necessary to exclude them ”, says Cárrega.

    • VIP customer segment. This allows you to classify the most loyal customers or those who have spent the most money buying from the brand. “ We can generate more specific and personalized campaigns for these members who are so attached to the brand, give them special treatment as a thank you and increase the lifetime value ”, adds the Klaviyo Expert from ED Digital.

    • Segment by geolocation. This is usually used with brands that are in several countries ”, explains Mariano and adds that “ in this way we can send communications to different regions, in the appropriate language and achieve a greater impact with the campaigns ”.

    3 useful resources to build your segmentations

    • Create segments with Klaviyo : here you will find the basic concepts and the step by step to create the ideal segments for your email marketing strategy or for your e-commerce . Klaviyo is a tool that offers the opportunity to create multiple segments, which will help you improve your engagement and increase your sales through email campaigns or flow customer automation .

    • Targeting Guide : This Campaign Monitor post will help you learn more examples to dig deeper into the type of segments you can develop and learn from some strategies applied by other brands.

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