Unite 2021: Shopify hace historia en el ecommerce

Unite 2021: Shopify makes ecommerce history

If you've been a fan of Shopify for the past few years, starting yesterday you'll be even more so! And it is that the leading ecommerce company made history with the announcements it made yesterday at its largest annual event for developers, agencies, freelancers and merchants: Unite 2021 .

This year, the event had many changes compared to previous editions, among which are free access to all talks and presentations, and a look adapted to remote life, gaming and digital communities, with the addition of Discord; and a special appearance from CEO Tobi Lutke, who demonstrated his programming skills, live during the 2-hour conference.

Shopify Unite Announcements 2021

Online store 2.0:

From now on, the stores created in Shopify will have more customization options in each page and section of the same with the addition of movable blocks that you can move to place the content in the area you want on the page.

In addition, the new editor will offer merchants a better experience when building the windows of their online businesses.

The theme store will have a new version, and starting July 15, Shopify will give theme and template developers the ability to submit their projects for inclusion in the theme store.

Dawn will be the new default theme for Shopify stores, offering a faster and more visually appealing shopper experience.

Finally, the extension of apps in the themes will facilitate the management, extension and operation of the apps within the themes installed in the stores.

Metafields and custom content:

Shopify has added additional metafields to stores so that merchants and developers can add attributes to product pages and variants, without having to use or change code in the theme. In the coming months this functionality will be extended to more sections within the stores.

These changes to the metafields infrastructure will allow for improvements to the store content management platform to make it more robust and allow merchants to use any format for their content within Shopify stores.

Developer Tools:

If you are a developer, these announcements will surely excite you, because Shopify has introduced improvements to its programming language: Liquid, to use the concept of blocks within the structure of the stores, and thus facilitate both the programming and the use of the themselves by the merchants.
In addition, they have integrated Github and Shopify CLI to the store administrator panel to facilitate the incorporation of the changes made in liquid to the stores, and to give more power to the user experience of their Dawn theme and other themes of the platform. For more details on these announcements and developer tutorials, visit Shopify's Developer page .


The Shopify checkout is the heart of the platform, where merchants using Shopify process millions of dollars in sales daily. This year, Shopify's checkout will be faster, allowing you to process even more transactions per minute.

In addition, developers will be able to integrate changes to the checkout of any store in the form of an app, through Checkout Extensions; which was previously only allowed for merchants with the Shopify Plus plan. These changes will be available for Shop Pay.

Among the most prominent announcements related to the Shopify checkout, is the possibility for payment gateways to integrate with Shopify in the form of apps instead of going through the long integration process that existed until now.

API and GraphQL:

Another of the Unite 2021 announcements has to do with the opening of the Shopify API so that developers can incorporate changes and features such as:

  • Prices for international markets, so buyers can see prices in local currency without the need to install an additional app in the store.
  • Pickup points: with which the buyer can identify the nearest store or delivery point closest to his location.
  • Selling Plans: For merchants that offer subscription services or memberships. They will be able to create their own selling plans, selling policies, and even offer different prices depending on the product variant.

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Advantages for Partners:

Reduction of the sales commission of developer apps in the app Store:

Yes, you read that right. If you're an app developer and you want to sell your app on the Shopify app store, Shopify won't charge you the 20% sales commission it used to charge until you reach a sales amount of US$1 million.

Shopify takes its Shopify Partner program very seriously, which is why they have announced that third-party developer apps sold on the Shopify app store will only pay a 15% sales commission starting at $1 million and that this limit it will be reset every year.

Let's take an example: Your pet store marketing app is a hit and has been downloaded by thousands of Shopify merchants. Between the months of January and June 2021, it was sold so many times that you reached $1 million in sales of your app. Starting in July and running through December 2021, you'll pay 15% commission to Shopify for each additional time your app is sold on the Shopify app store, and starting in January 2022, your app's sales account is reset. from zero. So if you don't reach a million dollars in sales of your app in 2022, you won't pay sales commissions to Shopify for the whole year.

Shopify Payments:

Starting yesterday, in your Partner admin panel, you will have the ability to receive payments from Shopify in local currency and through payment methods other than Paypal. You just have to configure the payments section of your account.

CEO and developer:

Those who have followed Tobi Lutke's career know that he is passionate about online games and programming, as well as being the CEO of Shopify. Yesterday, Lutke wowed the Unite audience when he demonstrated his programming skills live.

If you want to see the Unite 2021 replay, we invite you to watch the following video. Do not forget to leave us your comments and questions on our blog.

Full unite on video:

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