Cómo hacer Email Marketing para eCommerce

How to do Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email marketing is a tool that is used as a means of communication between the entrepreneur and his client. Furthermore, email marketing uses email as its transport. You can customize and select the way it will be distributed, including choosing exactly who the message will be sent to. Email marketing can be used for various issues including:

  • Maintain constant contact with customers
  • Achieving greater engagement
  • Develop content marketing strategies
  • Make the brand in the Top of mind

These are just some of the advantages that email marketing has. On the other hand, without a doubt the most important virtue of this marketing strategy is that it allows you to measure the results in real time and instantly. However, the success of email marketing depends on several factors in which five very important ones stand out: copywriting, market segmentation, deliverability, open rate and click rate.


First of all, to do a good email marketing, you must make it have an impact on the people who will read it. This is why copywriting should be put into practice in the construction of emails. Copywriting is writing persuasively to convince the reader to take a particular action. When writing, it is convenient to use keywords that help the name of the brand, product or service that is sought to be represented, to be recorded in the clients. On the contrary, if an email does not have a good copywriting it loses strength in its purpose. So when writing any email it is necessary to have the copywriting strategy, since it will be the master key to meet the goal established with email marketing.

A very important point when writing a good email, it is important that the composition of this has a striking headline that encourages opening the email. The description must be short, clear and precise, since you only have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of the reader. You have to add attractive visuals at the base of a simple email. Together with the headline, another very important aspect is the call to action. This is the main action that leads the reader to interact.


Once a good copywriting is established and an email is sent, a very important factor that must be measured is deliverability or the delivery rate. Deliverability within email marketing is the ability to send emails so that they reach the inbox. This helps control actual delivery, throttling, bounces, spam issues, and more. In other words, the higher the delivery rate percentage, the better the response to emails.

open rate

Another very important aspect that must be taken into consideration when working with email marketing is the open rate. This is an indicator that allows us to know how many emails that are sent are opened by the recipients. The open rate is obtained by dividing the total number of messages opened by the total number of messages delivered. This is why every email marketing campaign seeks to have a high open rate percentage, since this indicates that customers are consuming the content that is sent to them. It is recommended that the open rate measure be between 15% and 35%.

click rate

The click rate is another of the main metrics that email marketing has. This shows how many people responded to the email that was sent to them. In other words, together with the open rate, the click rate is the percentage of attention that the email sent has received. Contrary to the open rate, the click rate is based on the clicks that the person makes beyond just opening the email. In other words, it is the percentage that indicates the action after opening the email is the response to the call to action.

Segmentation in Email marketing

When working with email marketing it is important to know what market segmentation is. In order for emails to reach the right people and be effective, mailing lists must be divided into smaller fragments. Email list segmentation is the process of dividing subscribers into smaller groups. This helps to establish specific criteria so that more personalized and relevant emails can be sent. By segmenting the email lists, the opening rates of the emails increase, the number of click rates is higher and at the same time the cancellation of subscriptions decreases. This is why specialists recommend market segmentation to improve email marketing.

Finally email marketing 

Email marketing is a very complex but effective strategy, which requires the necessary time and, above all, experimentation. On many occasions you have to use more than one email to test and discover which is the best alternative that works for each purpose. All the elements mentioned above play a key role in opening emails in email marketing. In other words, the union of each of them makes it possible to measure results, capture the attention of the target audience and achieve the desired interaction with the email. This is why it is essential that email marketing be worked with the personality strategy, that is, that each email is in accordance with the market segmentation that it seeks to impact.


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