Cómo Recuperar Un Carrito Abandonado Y Cerrar La Venta

How To Recover An Abandoned Cart And Close The Sale

One of the biggest problems ecommerce owners face is shopping cart abandonment . Unlike traditional sales where a store manager can close the sale face to face with the customer, when it comes to online shopping, the visitor has complete freedom to leave their purchase unfinished without any additional encouragement.

If you still don't think this is a truly alarming problem, here are some online shopping cart abandonment statistics that might change your mind:

  • The average shopping cart abandonment rate is approximately 70%.
  • Even more people abandon their carts when shopping on their mobile phone at an average cart abandonment rate of over 85%.
  • Ecommerce businesses stand to lose up to $18 billion in revenue from abandoned cart sales each year.

If you don't want your eCommerce store to keep losing more money, you need to implement an automated email follow-up strategy. This can be the difference between winning a sale or losing it forever.

In total, abandoned cart follow-up emails have a conversion rate of over 10%. This means that implementing an email automation can help you convert more customers that you might otherwise have lost, for whatever reason.

With these follow-up emails, you have the opportunity to persuade the visitor that your product is right for them, to make them understand the benefits they will get once they buy it, and to demonstrate the trustworthiness of your brand.

Now that you're aware of the value of cart abandonment emails, let's take a closer look at what they are and how to set one up.

What is abandoned cart email tracking?

It is a marketing strategy that consists of a series of emails that visitors to your e-commerce receive after adding an item to their shopping cart, and abandoning it without having made the purchase. For example, if an item stays in the shopping cart for five hours without any action from the shopper, then presumably the shopper isn't actively shopping anymore.

There are a million reasons why visitors may leave your site after adding an item to their cart and not purchase. Maybe they were just comparing prices, they were curious, they didn't have the confidence that the purchase was safe, they didn't have their credit card on hand, among others. But the bottom line is that they showed interest in your product and maybe with a little extra motivation, the sale can be successfully closed for you.

This is the purpose of email follow-up, to remind them that they were interested in your products and to offer an incentive, usually a special offer, to get them to complete the purchase.

This process can be easily automated with the help of an email service provider (ESP), which have pre-made templates and are sent based on certain actions that the visitor performs.

When creating your email automation you should take into account a few things like the following:

  • How many emails will be in your abandoned cart email sequence? 3 to 4 are recommended.
  • What headers do you use to get the attention of your visitors?
  • How long are you going to wait to remind your visitor of the product they left behind?
  • What content are you going to include in your abandoned cart emails?
  • How are you going to persuade people to complete the purchase? Will you just remind them of their abandoned cart or are you going to present a special offer?
  • Are you going to segment your automations in any way?

If you still do not have the email of your visitors, the first step to give the correct follow-up is to configure a pop-up or form to collect the personal data of the visitors.

The 5 Best Practices To Recover An Abandoned Cart

As we mentioned before, the reasons why a visitor leaves your ecommerce before making the purchase can be many, such as shipping costs, taxes, handling, etc. Or maybe the purchase process is not very clear or reliable enough. Whatever the reason, with the following practices we can break down most of these obstacles:

  • Presents A Reminder Of How Attractive Your Product Is
    • Add attractive images of the product where it can be seen from different angles, and at the same time highlighting the main benefits of the product. Don't forget to add a call to action that will redirect them back to their shopping cart and they can easily complete the sale.
  • Offer A Discount Or Special Promotion
    • This strategy may not be the most original way to get a sale, but it is certainly one of the most effective. Whether you offer a percentage discount on the total purchase or a specific amount, remember to note that the promotion is for a limited time. Knowing that the promotion will not be available for a long time, the buyer's need for urgency increases.
  • Offer Free Shipping
    • One of the most powerful and influential words in the marketing world is the word FREE. As we mentioned before, one of the reasons why visitors don't complete the purchase is because they consider the cost of shipping to be too high, so offering to cover shipping costs can be a very attractive incentive.
  • Use Your Secret Weapon: Social Proof
    • Surely it has happened to you. Before making any purchases online, look at the reviews of other buyers before making your decision. As strange as it may seem, the opinions of complete strangers can be of great help when it comes to deciding between one product or another. Include testimonials from satisfied customers to give your new visitor that extra push.
  • Show Related Products
    • One of the reasons why the person who visited your online store did not buy may be because they did not really find what they were looking for. If you have related or similar products that your visitor is unaware of, this is the time to present them. These may have higher benefits, be more popular (so they will have more reviews), which can make it easier to sell.
There will always be plenty of distractions when we surf the net. If you don't want your online store to be another victim of people's poor retention, implementing email automation with proper follow-up is the smartest move for your business.

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