El Efecto De La Tipografía En La Experiencia Del Usuario

The Effect Of Typography On The User Experience

Most of the information we receive every day, whether in a physical store or from your phone or computer, is in written form. For this reason, we must take several factors into account when we choose the font or font that we use on our digital platforms. Therefore, there are several rules to follow. In typography, readability is the first thing to consider before choosing a font for your brand, so this directly affects the user experience when they visit your store or interact with your content.

First of all, we must establish the difference between “font” and “font”. Typeface or typeface refers to a group of letters that have common characteristics or patterns. Several examples of a typeface are Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. On the other hand, the font refers to the style or size of the typeface or typeface. For example, Times New Roman 12px is a font.

Recommendations when choosing a font:

  • Minimize the number of fonts you use in your designs
      • If you use multiple fonts in your designs, it can cause your content to look crowded. We recommend that you stick to only two fonts, one for headings and one for the rest of the text. We also recommend that you give more weight to the font for the rest of the text, as this part of the text will have the most impact with your customers.
  • Learn the difference between serif and sans-serif typefaces
      • A serif is a small shape or design that appears at the beginning or end of a stroke in a letter. Typefaces with “serifs” are known as serif typefaces. Serif fonts are widely used for headings, but are not recommended for other text as it affects user readability. By comparison, sans-serif typefaces have no strokes at the beginning or end of a letter. Sans-serif typefaces emphasize simplicity, and we recommend it for the rest of your store text.
  • Choose fonts that complement each other
      • When choosing your two fonts, make sure they complement each other and don't compete for the user's attention.
  • Be sure to be consistent with the use of your typefaces
      • The fact that it is consistent not only with the typefaces, but also with all the design elements of your brand goes hand in hand with the fact that the user feels comfortable when interacting with your content. When it comes to typeface, use the same typefaces throughout the design or product.
  • Take into account the different screen sizes
      • It is very likely that the user interacts with your content from a cell phone or a computer. This is why it is extremely important that a font is chosen that is legible on small screens. In this case, we recommend that you avoid using fonts that are italic, as it doesn't scale well on smaller screens. You can be safe by choosing a font like Google's Roboto, since apart from being free, it is optimized for various devices and resolutions.
  • Consider the language in which the text will be written
      • For example, if your online store has the option to change the language from English to Spanish, we must consider how the text would be translated. In the case of Spanish, it is crucial that we choose a font that includes the accents and other symbols that we use on a daily basis. Fonts must include characters that exist in other alphabets, not just the English alphabet.
  • Choose an attention-grabbing font
      • Typography is a way to convey some emotion and to communicate with your customers. Choose typefaces that convey the essence of your brand and project the right mood. To help them with this, think about your product or content and how you want your customer to perceive your product or content.

    Typography is an essential part of any design. The user experience is directly affected if we choose an incorrect font or one that does not match our brand. For this reason, it is important to take into account the factors that I detail in this article. All these elements from the font, font size, colors and more work together to make the design both useful and visually pleasing. We must always consider that we will have clients who may have some medical difficulty, so it is necessary to create user experiences that benefit us all.

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