Improve conversion rates with this exercise

Unlike a physical store, when shopping online we limit the customer's experience with our products, due to the nature of the channel. However, it is important that we correctly stimulate the senses that we can, as well as speed up the processes to shorten these differences as much as possible. Let's start by talking about the visual part. Do you use quality images, graphics and videos? Are they the right ones for what you are selling? . Let's also take a tour of our prices, are they competitive? Compared to the rest of the market, how are they? Finally let's talk about the payment process, how easy is it? What situations can we find? With this episode we invite you to live the experience from the other side, that is, to make a self-purchase to understand what users are facing in our online store and what we could improve. In the end, making these adjustments will increase the levels of satisfaction and therefore the conversion rates that at a given moment mean more sales.


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