We’re Professional Email Marketers

Partnering with us is like having a world-class team of email and SMS marketing superheroes working day and night to grow your brand.

  • Time Zones? Not a Problem!

    Need something done overnight? Don’t stress. Our team includes night owls and early birds working on every continent.

  • Dress Code Liberation

    Remember those uncomfortable office clothes? They’re not required here! Our dress code is simple, “wear something”. While business casual is fine, business comfortable is better!

  • No More Monday Blues

    Unlike other agencies, our Monday meetings are so lively and fun that we actually look forward to them. Imagine looking forward to Mondays 🙂

  • Video Calls - With a Twist

    Our virtual meetings are kind of like a global talent show. Get ready for spontaneous pet cameos, exotic backdrops, and occasional funky dance moves!

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  • Our Mission

    Supercharge Growth for US and LATAM Brands with Email and SMS Marketing

  • Our Vision

    Build the industry’s leading Strategic Email & SMS Marketing Agency dedicated to driving growth for ecommerce and DTC Brands throughout the U.S., Latin America, and beyond!

Our Journey

  • 2016

    Founding Year
    ED Digital was established to help local businesses set up their online stores.

  • 2018

    In 2018, we were first certified as Certified Shopify Experts and Klaviyo Masters. That’s when we started offering clients ecommerce growth services.

  • 2019

    Team Growth
    In 2019, our agency experienced rapid growth and recruited a team of skilled professionals, including designers, marketers, copywriters, and project managers. Also, this is the year we started working with international brands.

  • 2020

    Adapting to the Changing Landscape
    Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, our agency swiftly adapted our strategies to help our clients navigate the “new” digital landscape.

  • 2022

    Post-Pandemic Stability
    In 2022, we were awarded Klaviyo Gold Partner status and began focusing on long-term growth.

  • 2023 & Beyond

    Ongoing Innovation
    ED Digital remains at the forefront of digital marketing trends, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions and drive tangible results for an ever-expanding global portfolio of ecommerce and DTC brands.

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Meet Our Team

  • Andrés Álvarez

    Chief of Build & Solutions

    “Working with brands as a lever to continue moving towards their goals next to a passionate team is a living dream.”

  • Obeth Seguinot

    Chief of Growth & Partnerships

    “The best part of working with our team at ED Digital, is knowing that we are helping our client’s businesses grow while having fun at the same time.”

  • Almudena Aragón Salmon

    Graphic Designer

    “The openness that there is to each one of their opinions and ideas makes our strategies become winners, including different backgrounds and lines of expertise where everyone adds up.”

  • Camila Di Marzo

    Graphic Designer

    “I like working with ED Digital because they are a super friendly, respectful and very organized team.”

  • Cayo Rodríguez

    Podcast Editor
    “Working at ED Digital is being part of an ideal work culture: with highly trained people, with clear objectives and goals, with established workflows and with the opportunity to do it from anywhere in the world.”

  • Daniel Croyle

    “The main thing I like working at ED Digital for is the team and the good working environment, I think that being in a remote team it is very valuable that the team gets along and is so involved.”

  • Gabriel Rodríguez

    Project Manager

    “Working here transcends the boundaries of a traditional job; it's an ever-evolving adventure where we collectively shape the future of the agency and our own growth journeys.”

  • Karoll Pineda Marrugo

    Account Manager

    “It is a pleasant space and always open to sincere and constructive conversation. And all this is also reflected in the results we bring to our clients.”

  • Lucía de Dominicis

    Lead Account Manager

    “I believe that what represents us as an agency is our commitment to all the projects we undertake, from the smallest to the largest.”

  • Marila Marrero


    “The convenient hours and the option to work remotely are aspects that really align with my lifestyle and needs.”

  • Palmira De La O


    “Breaking the traditional concepts of what a job should be, at ED Digital, freedom of expression is the key.”

  • Verónica Muñíz Pérez

    Account Manager

    “When we work on a project, however small it may be, we put all our knowledge and teamwork so that it comes out as soon as possible and has incredible results.”

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