Strategic Email Marketing Review

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What’s Included

  • Email Marketing Strategy Review

    Our team of experts carefully reviews your current strategy to identify areas for improvement and revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Subscription Performance Review

    How fast is your subscriber base growing? Let us review how your popups and signup forms perform and recommend ways to improve conversions.

  • Campaign Review

    Using a data-driven approach, we analyze your campaign strategy, KPIs, and other metrics to uncover ways to improve email deliverability. We'll also make strategic recommendations to take your campaigns to the next level - and beyond!

  • Flow Review

    After evaluating your existing flow strategy, including Basic Flows, Advanced Flows, and Technology Flows, our experts will recommend actionable steps to improve your KPIs and increase your overall revenue.

  • Email Design Audit

    Email design is a key driver of ecommerce success. That’s why we review the design structure of your emails, including the balance between text and images and other variables that impact deliverability, engagement, and conversions.

  • Business & Metrics Review

    Suppose you hire us to implement your email marketing strategy. In that case, we'll regularly calculate your brand revenue improvements, and our marketing experts will share essential feedback on open rates, click rates, spam, and more.

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Let our email marketing experts evaluate your campaigns and recommend ways to boost your revenue, retention, and profits.

($500.00 value - FREE for a limited time only)

The Strategic Review Process

  • Meet Your Email Marketing Expert

  • Grant Us Access To Your Klaviyo Account

  • Wait 2 Business Days

  • Get Insights and Recommendations from Your Email Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

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What level of access do you need to do the review?

If you use Klaviyo, we’ll need “Manager” access to perform a full review. “Analyst” access can work, but it won’t let us deliver a complete report.

How do you handle account privacy and security?

We’ll share and sign an NDA with you before accessing your Klaviyo account. Don’t worry; we take privacy and security as seriously as you do. We’ll only use access to perform your strategic email marketing review.

When will the review be delivered to me?

Once we have access to your Klaviyo account, your email marketing expert will deliver your audit within 2 business days. You can then schedule a call to carefully review the results when it’s convenient for you.

How do I request my free review?

Look for the calendar at the bottom of the page to request your review.

How will you access my Klaviyo account?

Simply give us “Manager” access to your Klaviyo account so our team can analyze your performance and deliver your audit to you.

What happens when I meet my Email Marketing Expert?

One of our experts will present your completed audit in a live Google Meet call, allowing you to ask questions and gain key insights into your new email strategy. 

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