Online Store Review

Let our Shopify Experts evaluate your online store’s performance.

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What’s Included With Your Review

  • Store Review

    Our team of experts will review your current store’s configuration and give you helpful feedback and recommendations after completing their evaluation.

  • Home Page Review

    After looking over your current home page, we’ll suggest improvements to help your store convert better and generate more revenue.

  • Product Page Review

    We'll also evaluate how your current product pages are performing and suggest ways to boost engagement, conversions, and online orders.

  • Collection Page Review

    Your collection pages will also be reviewed. We’ll look for ways to improve the product discovery experience. If implemented correctly, the insights and tips we give you could result in thousands of dollars in additional sales for your store.

  • Cart Page Review

    Your cart page is super important. That’s why we’ll look it over and suggest how to increase product upsells and cross-sells that grow your average order value (AOV)
    while increasing your store’s overall revenue.

  • Metrics Review

    Our team of experts will share feedback on your key metrics, including conversion rates, average order value, returning customer rate, number of sessions, and more!

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Store Review Process

  • Meet With Your Shopify Expert

  • Grant Us Access to Your Shopify Store

  • Wait 2 Business Days

  • Get Insights and Recommendations from Your Shopify Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

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What level of access is needed to review my store?

We will need “Collaborator Access” to perform a full review. If you use Shopify, “Staff Access” is acceptable, but it limits our ability to generate a full report.

How do you handle account privacy and security?

We’ll share an NDA with you before receiving access to your Shopify account. Don’t worry. We take privacy and security as seriously as you do and will only use the access you give us to evaluate the store’s performance.

When will I get the results of my store review?

After you grant us access to your store, your Shopify expert will deliver the results of the evaluation in 2 business days. Then, you can schedule a call to discuss a series of actionable steps that can significantly improve your store’s performance.

How will the results of the review be explained to me?

When attending the store review call, your Shopify expert will share their screen, allowing you to see your strategy from an overview perspective. Afterward, they’ll share a simple list of suggestions for your store.

How do I request my free store review?

Look for the calendar at the bottom of the page to request your review.

How will you access my Shopify store?

Simply give us “Collaborator access” to your Shopify store so our team can analyze your store’s performance and deliver your review.

What happens when I meet with my Shopify Expert?

During a live Google Meet call, your Shopify expert will share their screen and present the results from your store review. You can also ask questions. Afterward, the expert will give you a list of insights and recommend the next steps.

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