From Bohemian Dreams to Boho-Chic Brand

Valija’s Journey

In the heart of New Orleans, amidst its rich tapestry of culture and arts, two college girls from Puerto Rico discovered a bohemian passion. This wasn't just a fleeting phase; it was the birth of a lasting business idea. 

From its modest beginnings in 1993, Valija blossomed and transformed over the years from a cherished dream into a distinctive boho-chic lifestyle brand, now boasting physical stores and a bustling online presence.

Navigating the Winds of Change

Valija sailed the turbulent waters of the retail industry for over four years. The journey was about constant evolution - adjustments, testing, and refinements. 

While it's tempting to reinvent the wheel when seeking to recapture the consumer's attention and heart, sometimes all it takes is a subtle touch, a tweak in design, a refresh in copy, or a sprinkle of new information.

Taking a Fresh Perspective

At ED Digital, our commitment goes beyond ordinary expectations. Regular audits and maintenance of Klaviyo accounts aren't just tasks but our pulse. Through this dedicated approach, we uncover fresh perspectives and actionable insights.

Our collaboration with Valija included the following enhancements:

  • Personalized Welcomes

    We crafted custom Welcome Series tailored for different audiences; those who discovered Valija online and the loyalists from physical stores. Fine-tuning like this cultivated deeper, more personalized connections.

  • Prolonging the Conversation

    We discovered something interesting while evaluating Valija's Checkout Abandonment and Browse Abandonment flows. The third email in the sequences was striking gold. So, why stop there? We added two more emails designed to deepen engagement and amplify conversions.

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Driving Continuous Growth

Klaviyo flows, by design, engage with customers over extended periods, riding the waves of their actions and reactions. Yet, like any dynamic conversation, there are moments of pause, potential stagnation, or opportunities just around the corner. 

That's where ED Digital steps in. Much like our partnership with Valija, we conduct frequent audits, ensuring that the narrative stays consistent and drives revenue.

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