Turning the Tide

The Messi Store’s Comeback Story

Imagine the thrill of launching an online store, watching sales take off, and crafting a robust email strategy via Klaviyo. 

The stakes are high, and while results looked promising, they were somewhat disappointing. 

Even with a monumental list of 150K subscribers, The Messi Store felt the sting of underperformance. With metrics dropping, this world-class brand was in trouble.

Fortunately, by mid-2022, the tides started to turn. And with ED-Digital's help, The Messi Store began to master the email game and change its downward trajectory.

In this case study, we'll spotlight our strategies to reinvigorate The Messi Store's email marketing campaign in just 90 days, nearly tripling results!

The Play-By-Play Breakdown

Problem #1

Not Knowing the Rules of the Game

Imagine playing soccer; every shot you take gets intercepted before it even gets close to the goal. Unfortunately, a poor email reputation and a damaged domain sent many of The Messi Store's messages straight to peoples' SPAM folders.

After our email experts diagnosed the problem, we did the following:

  • Switched from Klaviyo's shared domain to a dedicated domain.

  • Deployed “Smart Send Time” tests, pinpointing peak engagement times.

  • Zoned in on the last 30 days of interactions, elevating the brand's reputation.

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The Scoreboard

  • August 2022

    12% Click Rate

  • November 2022

    38.2% Click Rate

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Problem #2

Not Having a Solid Game Plan

Both coaches and athletes agree that a game plan is critical to winning. Like in sports, if you want to win at email marketing, you need a proven strategy, expertise, and plenty of finesse. 

The Messi Store had already built Klaviyo email automations. Still, a lack of synergy and improper configuration meant they were misfiring and not reaching the right people at the right times.

Here’s what our team did to overcome those challenges:

  • We crafted 5 automation (flows) designed to turn skeptical shoppers into raving fans while automatically boosting conversion rates and sales.

  • We A/B tested subject lines, designs, CTAs, and other variables to find and optimize the right blend of subject lines, designs, CTAs, and more.

  • We convinced the client to try an often overlooked yet highly-effective format: Plain Text Emails.

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The Scoreboard

  • August 2022

    0.2% Click Rate

  • November 2022

    0.86% Click Rate

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Problem #3

Misguided Shots

Picture this: You blast emails to your entire subscriber list, hoping for sales. Well, that’s like shooting in the dark. 

In email marketing, properly segmenting and targeting the right people at the right time is the key to creating winning campaigns and automation flows.

Here’s how we transformed The Messi Store’s email marketing results:

  • We implemented advanced segmentation strategies, tagging subscribers by geography, gender, and behavior, creating a personal bridge between the brand and its audience.

  • We fine-tuned the brand’s pop-up forms, including design and offers, to sustain a robust flow of new subscribers, keeping the client’s list fresh and growing.

  • We added a subscriber cleanup automation designed to clean up the client's subscriber list and cut costs - without hurting sales.

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The Final Whistle

Taking unnecessary risks isn't the Messi way, nor should it be yours? 

Why gamble with something as important as your email strategy?

Let ED Digital’s team help you build and execute a winning game plan. 

If you’re ready to start winning the ecommerce game, schedule a call, and let’s talk!

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