AnZaGa Health achieves a 117% revenue boost in 3 months through strategic email marketing

  • 52%

    Revenue increase via Klaviyo within the first three months.

  • 117%

    Growth when compared to the brand’s previous quarter.

  • +Trust

    Significant trust was reignited, sparking more first-time purchases.

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AnZaGa Health offers an excellent solution for people wanting to experience the health benefits of natural weight loss supplements without adverse side effects. 

Founded by certified nutritional coach Yndira Montan, AnZaGa offers customers more than just weight loss supplements; it provides a holistic solution, including guidance, motivation, and unwavering support that helps them lose weight and transition to a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenge

Paid advertising constraints in the weight loss supplement sector posed a stiff challenge for e-commerce companies like AnZaGa Health.

With most of its list growth coming from organic traffic and referrals,  AnZaGa needed to introduce itself and guide potential customers toward the right products and solutions. So, the company started using Klaviyo to improve email outreach while reinforcing brand presence.

“When we ventured into email marketing with Klaviyo, our goal was not just to grow revenue but to mirror our brand ethos by providing exceptional guidance on how to get the most out of our products”, says a member of AnZaGa’s marketing team.


The foundation of our marketing strategy for AnZaGa was to build well-structured email automations, enabling the company to clearly communicate the benefits of its products and minimize purchase risks.

ED-Digital’s experts created the following flows in Klaviyo:

  • Welcome Series

  • Abandoned Cart Flow

  • Replenishment Flow

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Our plan was to provide subscribers and customers with well-timed reminders about the benefits of natural weight loss supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, by tailoring email campaigns that resonated with the brand’s core messaging, we created a sense of desire and motivation to buy its products.


To the client's delight, our enhanced communication strategies reignited engagement and customer trust, encouraging many to make their first purchase.

The numbers spoke for themselves:

  • 54%

    Revenue increase via Klaviyo within the first three months

  • 117%

    Growth compared to the company’s previous quarter

  • +Trust

    Customer trust was reignited, leading to more first-time purchases

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Revenue growth for brands that can't use conventional paid advertising channels like META and Google Ads can be a major challenge. Fortunately, email marketing with tools like Klaviyo can be a powerful marketing channel when done right. 

The way forward for AnZaGa is clear; it must actively nurture engaged subscribers with relevant email messaging that adds value to their lives. 

By striking a balance between valuable content and strategic offers while optimizing our segmented, personalized approach, we expect to sustain and even surpass the client’s current momentum.

If you’re ready to start winning the ecommerce game, schedule a call, and let’s talk!

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