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How Cuela's Innovative BFCM Campaign Brewed Up Sales Beyond Expectations

In the lush, mountainous landscapes of Puerto Rico, coffee beans ripen under the tropical sun, waiting to be gloriously transformed into steaming cups of aromatic excellence. 

Cuela is a unique online platform connecting passionate coffee lovers in the United States, Europe, and other regions with Puerto Rico’s finest coffee growers and gourmet roasteries.

In addition, Cuela is very proud to be the only subscription-based ecommerce company in the United States that offers top-quality Puerto Rican coffee.

While Cuela steadily built a reputation as the only subscription-based ecommerce company in the United States that offers top-quality Puerto Rican coffee, there was a new horizon with huge potential they had not fully explored: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Challenge

Despite its worldwide success, Cuela had never developed a large-scale Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy, so they hired ED Digital to build out a comprehensive BFCM campaign, including email and SMS marketing.

Our initial objective was two-fold and straightforward:

  • Drive More One-time Sales

  • Generate a Flow of New Subscriptions

The ED Digital team orchestrated the following steps to drive more revenue:

  • VIP Treatment

    We unveiled an exclusive VIP list to stir up excitement. Those who signed up got advance notice and exclusive early access to special BFCM season discounts.  

  • Tailored Targeting

    We curated segments targeting potential buyers and filtered out recent shoppers and Café Sorpresa subscribers.

  • Special BFCM Pricing for Everyone

    We rolled out and actively promoted a general storewide offer with 20% off all orders received between November 18th and 28th.

  • Making a Compelling Offer

    To allure fresh subscribers, we introduced an irresistible offer: the first month of Café Sorpresa was totally free. This offer was powered by a targeted custom product view flow, spotlighting Cuela’s tempting BFCM offer.

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Brewing Up Delicious Results

Needless to say, Cuela’s founders and marketing team were pleased with the results we helped them achieve.

Here’s an overview of the campaign’s success:

  • Burst of New Sales

    To Cuela’s delight, sales skyrocketed by 85% in November 2022 compared to the previous month. The BFCM 2022 season saw a phenomenal 226% sales spike against its 2021 counterpart.

  • Surge in Subscriptions

    The campaign we crafted generated 91 fresh Café Sorpresa subscribers in November, lifting Cuela’s 2022 subscriber count from 880 to 929.

  • The Power of Email Marketing

    Our email marketing efforts drove a 47% surge in sales. The campaign boasted an impressive 43.9% open rate and a 1.5% click rate. Cuela also enjoyed a 6% boost in list subscribers, 74% of which could be attributed to Klaviyo.

  • SMS Marketing: Driving Even More Sales

    Every SMS we sent drove an average of $0.58 in revenue, resulting in $38.2 in ROI for Cuela. Click rates for November 2022 were robust at 8.52%. SMS promotions saw a 5.95% click rate, with 22% attributed to our SMS campaign efforts.

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The Sweet Aroma of Success

Most ecommerce merchants would agree that Cuela's Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy was a resounding success. 

By implementing a strategic blend of precision, marketing, tailored offers, and genuine passion, Cuela saw unprecedented BFCM sales during a special season that transformed many casual sippers into coffee lovers and loyal repeat customers.

At ED Digital, we can help strategize and implement your brand’s BFCM campaigns.

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