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This Brand’s Leap to Customized ecommerce

Thatswaxup is a fast-growing online beauty brand specializing in at-home waxing products. The company’s flagship offering is an all-in-one waxing kit that provides everything the buyer needs for at-home waxing. 

The all-in-one waxing kit, exclusively designed by the company, was initially launched on Amazon and received rave customer reviews.

When Thatswaxup approached our team here at ED Digital, they were in the process of expanding from an Amazon-exclusive platform to a Shopify Store.

The Challenge

Competing with Amazon’s Post-Purchase Experience

As you may know, Amazon offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for sellers, including post-purchase tracking, customer support, product review requests, and cross-selling capabilities. 

The problem is that Amazon retains all customer data. And while it can be a quick way to start selling online, not having access to customer data eventually becomes a limiting factor for ecommerce brands like Thatswaxup. Brands that want to grow faster and have more independence. 

Fortunately, platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo empower ecommerce brands to maintain ownership of their customer data and leverage it to their advantage.

So, our challenge here at ED Digital was helping Thatswaxup give customers that placed an order through their Shopify store a post-purchase experience comparable to Amazon's while retaining the buyer’s contact information and buying data.

Elevating the Buyer's Journey

Tailored Email Flows

To help Thatswaxup achieve its goal of transitioning away from Amazon, our team crafted a custom suite of apps and solutions, with Klaviyo and Shopify serving as the core components. The idea was to ensure an optimized buying experience for new and repeat customers.

First, we crafted email automation flows that would accompany customers throughout their purchasing journey.

The Klaviyo flows included:

  • Welcome Flow

    For first-time website visitors.

  • Browse Abandonment Flow

    For those who viewed a product but left the page before placing an order.

  • Checkout Abandonment Flow

    Targeting those who abandoned their shopping carts before finalizing payment.

  • Post-Purchase + Replenishment Flow

    Offering information on how to use the product and promoting refill cartridge sales after a certain period.

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Due to the nature of the product, we provided educational content throughout the buyer’s journey. It’s not always easy to decide on getting a waxing kit, especially for first-time buyers.

For the Post-Purchase Flow, we offered detailed instructions and video guides to help new customers understand how to use the product successfully. Easy-to-find contact information was also prominently displayed for support inquiries.

From Quiz to Delivery

Creating a Seamless Shopping Experience

To leverage Shopify’s power and flexibility, we integrated various apps, which enabled Thatswaxup to deliver a tailored customer journey.

  • Octane AI

    To help first-time visitors find the ideal waxing kit for their skin type, we created a custom product recommendation quiz to replace the traditional pop-up on Thatswaxup’s site.

    Using a personalized, targeted approach instead of generic email, sign-up incentives proved highly effective, mainly because this brand’s clientele is research-oriented.

  • Wonderment

    We used Wonderment to streamline post-purchase tracking. The app provided customers real-time tracking updates, supplemented by automated email and SMS notifications. 

    A nice feature of Wonderment is its enhanced tracking updates that reinforce Thatswaxup’s brand voice while delivering consistent messaging and valuable educational content.

  • Gorgias

    To compete with Amazon's robust customer service infrastructure, we incorporated Gorgias into our strategy for Thatswaxup. This tool lets online stores offer live chat where customers can access order tracking, FAQs or connect with a representative. 

    This proactive approach helped reduce our client’s service team's workload by preemptively addressing commonly-asked questions.

  • Klaviyo Reviews

    After customers receive their orders, a timely follow-up email, facilitated by Klaviyo Reviews, requests feedback. Integrating the app with Wonderment ensures these emails are dispatched only after order delivery.

    Thanks to the seamless Klaviyo-Shopify integration, buyer reviews, key to building brand trust, are prominently displayed on the client's product pages.

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Tailoring Tech for Faster ecommerce Success

By crafting a customized suite of apps, with Shopify and Klaviyo as the core components, we developed a streamlined buying experience for Thatswaxup’s customers that is helping them transition away from Amazon.

Our innovative approach gives customers a post-purchase experience comparable to Amazon's while retaining the buyer's contact and buying data. 

By integrating apps with Klaviyo, we centralized data collection, giving us valuable insights into the customer journey. These insights helped us tailor strategies and flows to buyer preferences. Then, we leveraged this data to boost metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS), average order value (AOV), and customer lifetime value (CLV)

Thatswaxup's success story proves that a customized approach is paramount when it comes to email marketing for ecommerce and DTC brands!

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