Boosting ecommerce Growth

Evolution of Pompis Store

Nestled in the heart of Puerto Rico, Pompis Store is more than just a fast-growing ecommerce company. They’re artisans of brand-building, crafting, and nurturing celebrity and professional labels with unmatched dedication. 

Pompis is the certifying force behind some of the most exclusive brands, from design and manufacturing to distribution and wholesale.

The Challenge

Sustaining Momentum

Over 5 years of successful collaboration with a client and partner, you periodically need to review what worked and what didn’t, then formulate fresh strategies for sustaining momentum, amplifying growth, and continually refining techniques. 

After you’ve laid the groundwork for success, the next step is to test and optimize customer touchpoints on an ongoing basis.

Our Strategy in Motion

  • Constant Vigilance

    Our approach involves meticulous daily oversight of Klaviyo flows, punctuated by a comprehensive monthly audit. The objective? Pinpointing avenues of improvement.

  • A/B Testing

    In the world of marketing strategy, stagnation is a curse. That’s why we consistently test new tactics, measuring their efficacy against the existing ones.

  • Shifting the Paradigm

    Bringing new perspectives and innovative angles helps keep Pompis’ marketing fresh and engaging while reinforcing its brand ethos.

  • Embracing SMS

    2020 marked Pompis Store's foray into SMS marketing. By 2021, we had transitioned from the company's previous messaging platform to Postscript.

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After seamlessly integrating Postscript and Klaviyo, we launched a more robust dual-channel communication strategy combining email with SMS.

By the close of 2022, SMS had topped email in sales and interactions. 

But this is bad, right? 

On the contrary, email and text messaging, working in tandem, drove stellar growth for Pompis Store. SMS's super-high engagement and deliverability played a pivotal role in impactful communication.

Reflecting On Success

Is there a sure path to a successful ecommerce strategy? Not really. 

The fact is that the ecommerce marketing landscape is constantly changing. What's a game-changing strategy today may need reevaluation in a few years or months.

So what’s the secret to success? It’s a deep commitment to continuous learning, relentless optimization, and an inner drive to ascend to the next summit. 

Our journey with Pompis Store, spanning half a decade, is a testament to this commitment. At ED-Digital, we don't just follow the playbook; we reinvent it.

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