Breathing New Life Into Regalos di Amor's Customer Base

In the bustling world of ecommerce, Regalos di Amor is like a digital wonderland for those seeking ways to express their deepest feelings. 

Whether for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or to whisper sweet nothings, Regalos di Amor is the place to find gifts wrapped with affection.

Using a dropshipping model, the brand reached out to its audience primarily through ads.

The Challenge

While Regalos di Amor’s (RDA) buyer database was growing steadily, they were struggling with retention. Despite the weak retention, we saw RDA’s fast-growing list of customers as an unexploited gold mine with lots of revenue growth potential. 

The Game Plan

Tasked with re-engaging and monetizing RDA’s inactive customers, our team developed an automation strategy to deliver weekly doses of compelling content. 

The goal? Reconnect and reactivate 60% of RDA's database, turning them from passive past customers into actively engaged buyers and revenue for the client.

Executing Our Game Plan

  • Creating Segments

    We divided RDA's database into three segments, measuring engagement based on email interactions. 

  • Win-Back Emails

    Crafting a series of 3 win-back emails, we targeted past customers who had gone silent, aiming to rekindle their relationship with RDA.

  • Weekly Contact

    To ensure the brand stayed top-of-mind, we sent weekly campaigns showcasing top products, recommendations, and attractive promotions.

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Measuring the Impact

After our campaigns ran for three months, we happily reported the following results to Regalos di Amor’s founders and team.

  • Increased Engagement

    RDA saw a whopping jump in engagement, from 16.9% to an astounding 67.8% within 90 days!

  • Uptick in Revenue

    Revenue went from no traceable revenue via Klaviyo to a significant 20% attributed to the platform. Since launching our strategy, Klaviyo's contribution to cash flow has grown by 22%.

  • Rekindled Relationships

    With our strategy in play, RDA saw a sizable increase in returning customers, with many purchases throughout the year being attributed to Klaviyo via Shopify.

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Turning Silent Customers Into Repeat Buyers

Our strategic touch successfully transformed Regalos di Amor into a brand that customers loved to revisit. It was no longer just a one-time stop for gifts. 

This proves that a list of inactive past customers can be converted into loyal repeat buyers and brand ambassadors with the right strategy and implementation.

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