Harnessing the Power of SMS Marketing 

VZlush's Journey

VZlush offers innovative solutions to women seeking alternatives to traditional bras. With an enticing range of breast lifters, tapes, and nipple covers tailored for every shape and size, the brand stands out as an industry trendsetter.

A trusted partner for years, ED-Digital designed and built VZlush, a streamlined customer journey using Klaviyo integrated with a suite of external apps.

The Dilemma

How To Boost Revenue Beyond Email

With a robust email strategy in place, how does a brand tap into an additional revenue stream? The easiest and fastest solution is SMS marketing. 

Fortunately, VZlush had been requesting phone numbers (both on the welcome pop-up and during checkout in Shopify), so we only needed to send a special discount code via SMS to engage customers through this new channel.

SMS accounted for a small percentage of VZlush’s revenue when we started. 

Here’s a snapshot from April 2023:

  • Email Revenue


  • SMS Revenue


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Tapping Into an SMS Goldmine

We began the campaign by rejuvenating the SMS Welcome Flow, ensuring it still resonated and aligned with VZlush's brand ethos. 

To add urgency, we sent a reminder SMS post-registration, nudging potential buyers about their unused discounts and unexplored products.

Diving deeper, we realized that some of the brand's most profitable flows could benefit from the immediacy and intimacy of text messaging.

Here’s how we leveraged the client’s most profitable flows using SMS:

  • Checkout Abandonment Flow

    An SMS gently nudges the shopper to reengage with VZlush's shopping cart 30 minutes post-abandonment.

  • Browse Abandonment Flow

    An hour after a product is viewed and left unattended, SMS steps in and attempts to reignite the buyer’s purchase intent.

  • Post-Purchase Flow

    As soon as the order is fulfilled, an SMS goes out to customers, not just with the tracking number but also with valuable tips on how to get the most value and enjoyment from their purchases.

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But wait! We didn’t stop the magic there! 

Blending our powerful SMS strategy with VZlush's regular email campaigns, we explored a wide range of tactics, from SMS-exclusive offers and new product launches to in-depth product FAQs.

Game-Changing Outcome

By May of 2023, the tables had turned for VZlush. While email still commanded a substantial 77.58% of revenue, SMS was making a much bigger impact on sales than before, increasing from 11.82% to 22.42%.

Unlocking a New Source of Engagement

With a blend of intuition and innovation, we tapped into a new source of customer engagement for VZlush. Their journey demonstrates that, in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, the most impactful messaging can sometimes come as short, compelling texts delivered straight to the buyer's phone.

Ready to see how we can email and SMS to help your brand grow faster?

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