Transforming Cuela's Online Coffee Subscription Business

The Brand

Cuela is a coffee lover's haven, passionately connecting coffee enthusiasts with Puerto Rico's small coffee farmers and gourmet roasters. Born from the founders' yearning for the taste of home while residing abroad, Cuela challenged convention by delivering freshly roasted, premium Puerto Rican coffee to both the diaspora and global aficionados. Notably, Cuela stands as the sole subscription ecommerce company in the United States offering this high-quality Puerto Rican brew.

The Challenge

Cuela boasted a strong customer base and a thriving presence on social media. However, their online store struggled to convert visits into substantial product sales. The store's limitation to single coffee bag purchases hindered the brand's sales growth potential.

The Solution

In collaboration with Recharge, Cuela initiated a transformative journey to revolutionize their coffee sales.

The comprehensive solution included:

  • Customizable Subscriptions

    Cuela introduced personalized monthly coffee subscriptions, enabling customers to curate their coffee boxes based on their size, roast, and condition preferences. This customization ensured that every coffee lover received their preferred blend each month.

  • Seamless Payment & Shipping

    Recharge's advanced automation took the hassle out of subscription renewals. Scheduled monthly shipping simplified the entire customer experience, ensuring that customers could enjoy their coffee without interruptions.

  • Redesigned Store

    The entire online store underwent a significant facelift. Product pages were meticulously optimized for clarity, providing customers with a seamless browsing and shopping experience. Additionally, Cuela adopted a bilingual approach, reaching out to a broader audience and expanding its market reach.

  • Data Migration

    A critical aspect of this transformation was the successful migration of sensitive data from over 400 members who were previously part of the Bold Memberships platform. This ensured the continuity of their subscription experience with Cuela.

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The Results

The implementation of personalized coffee subscriptions brought about a substantial increase in subscribers, directly impacting revenue growth. Cuela's online store redesign had a profound effect on the brand's ability to track and analyze sales and customer data. This newfound capability empowered data-driven decision-making for future growth strategies.

This case study illuminates how innovation in ecommerce, coupled with a user-focused redesign, can have a transformative impact on sales and customer satisfaction. Cuela's journey serves as a testament to the power of adaptability and technology in achieving business success.

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