Transforming Legal Consultation Services

A Case Study of Protege Tu Música

The Brand

Protege Tu Música, a legal consultancy firm specializing in music royalties, faced a significant challenge. Despite having a substantial client base, they lacked an online platform to offer their services effectively. Moreover, they struggled to gather necessary client information efficiently to provide tailored legal consultations. This case study explores in detail how Protege Tu Música partnered with ED Digital to revamp their business, enhance their online presence, and streamline their services.

The Challenge

Protege Tu Música approached ED Digital with a pressing issue. They needed a seamless way to sell their legal services online and improve the efficiency of their client onboarding process. At the time, they were manually collecting client information, making it a time-consuming and error-prone process. This challenge required a comprehensive solution to integrate their services into a cohesive online platform.

The Solution

ED Digital embarked on a journey to transform Protege Tu Música's business operations.

Here's how we tackled the challenge:

  • Shopify Integration

    We created an intuitive and visually appealing online store using Shopify. The design aimed to reflect the high quality of legal services offered by Protege Tu Música.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    To efficiently gather client information, we integrated various platforms. Typeform was utilized for service request forms, BookThatApp for appointment scheduling, and Klaviyo for automating follow-up processes via email.

  • Service-Specific Forms

    We developed service-specific forms with conditional questions. These forms tailored the information collected from clients based on the service they were interested in.

  • Consultation Process

    After submitting a form, clients could schedule a 10-minute consultation with Protege Tu Música. If eligible for the service, clients received a link to a hidden product in the Shopify store, allowing them to purchase the service and schedule the official consultation using BookThatApp.

  • Design Enhancements

    Our team created dedicated landing pages for each service with detailed descriptions. Hidden product pages were also set up for eligible customers.

  • Testing and Training

    We rigorously tested the integrations and workflows to ensure a seamless process. Additionally, we provided staff training and established a repository for storing form responses and files for easy access.

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The Results

The transformation had a profound impact on Protege Tu Música:

  • Sales Growth

    The introduction of the online store and integrated platforms significantly boosted online sales compared to the pre-store era.

  • Efficiency Gains

    The new system enabled the brand to receive client information quickly and automatically. This streamlined their service provision, making it more efficient and personalized.

  • Enhanced Data Insights

    The redesigned store empowered Protege Tu Música to track and analyze customer data effectively. This data-driven approach allows the brand to make informed decisions and continually improve its business strategy as it grows.

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Protege Tu Música's journey from manual processes to a streamlined online platform demonstrates the immense power of technology in enhancing client engagement and service efficiency. By partnering with ED Digital, they successfully overcame their challenges, achieving sales growth and improved customer satisfaction. This case study showcases the potential for innovation to transform traditional businesses into efficient, data-driven, and customer-focused enterprises.

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