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Me Salvé's Transformational Journey to Online Success

The Brand

Me Salvé, a beloved Puerto Rican brand with a history spanning over three decades, boasts a formidable presence with nearly 100 stores scattered across the island. Their success story is attributed to a highly skilled and experienced team. At Me Salvé, customers can explore over 30 diverse departments, encompassing everything from Men's, Women's, and Kids' fashion to Home Decor, Kitchenware, School Uniforms, and more.

The Challenge

  • Online Sales Slump

    Despite their brick-and-mortar triumphs, Me Salvé faced a daunting challenge online – their digital store struggled to generate significant sales.

  • CRM Integration Gap

    The absence of seamless CRM integration hindered efficient customer relationship management.

  • Inventory Chaos

    A convoluted inventory management system plagued operational efficiency.

  • Missing Mobile App

    The absence of a dedicated mobile application limited their potential to enhance the customer shopping experience in the mobile era.

  • Business Model Evolution

    Me Salvé embarked on a transformational journey, reimagining its retail stores with a renewed focus on home, beauty, and clothing products. This shift necessitated a synchronized and modernized online presence.

  • Online Store Overhaul

    The existing Shopify store was rudimentary at best, featuring a limited product range and inadequate product information.

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The Solution

To address these multifaceted challenges, ED Digital executed a comprehensive transformation strategy:

  • CRM Integration

    Through seamless integration of a CRM system with Shopify, operations were streamlined, substantially enhancing customer service and personalization.

  • Catalog Enhancement

    The product catalog received a significant facelift, with meticulous categorization into Home, Beauty, and Clothing, along with finely crafted subcategories. This made product discovery intuitive and efficient.

  • Store Redesign

    A modern store design revamp was undertaken, commemorating Me Salvé's rich legacy of over 30 years in Puerto Rico. An interactive map showcased the brand's expansive network of more than 100 stores.

  • Mobile App Development

    Collaboration with TapCart led to the creation of a dedicated mobile app. It mirrored the web store's capabilities, extending accessibility and enhancing the mobile shopping experience.

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The Results

These strategic solutions yielded remarkable and tangible results:

  • Sales Surge

    Online sales witnessed substantial growth post-transformation, marking a turnaround for Me Salvé's digital venture.

  • Conversion Rate Rise

    Enhanced user experience translated into higher conversion rates, reinforcing the brand's digital presence.

  • Efficient Catalog

    The meticulously reorganized catalog not only facilitated navigation but also simplified product discovery, leading to increased sales.

  • Modern Brand Image

    The revamped online presence celebrated Me Salvé's strong Puerto Rican legacy, fostering a deeper connection with customers.

  • Streamlined Operations

    CRM integration brought together inventory and sales management, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

  • Mobile Convenience

    The newly developed mobile app offered customers a convenient shopping avenue, contributing significantly to increased online sales.

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This transformation signifies a profound and positive shift in Me Salvé's online business. Augmented sales, streamlined operations, and improved decision-making capabilities have positioned the brand for continued growth and success, both online and offline.

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