Culinary U

Elevating the Online Culinary Experience

The Brand

Culinary U, a renowned name in culinary workshops, events, and catering in Puerto Rico, encountered a significant challenge. Despite boasting a substantial following on social media and a loyal customer base, their online store struggled to convert visitors into paying customers. Furthermore, they lacked efficient tools for pre-selling their popular culinary events, leaving a gap in their revenue strategy.

The Challenges

  • Conversion Woes

    The existing online store was visually outdated and not optimized for converting potential customers into buyers. It failed to reflect the quality of Culinary U's products and services.

  • Event Promotion

    Culinary U offered enticing culinary events, yet they lacked an effective mechanism for pre-selling tickets and providing event details on their website.

  • User Experience

    Navigating the website was cumbersome, and finding specific products or event information was a frustrating experience for visitors.

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The Solution

In 2020, Culinary U engaged our services with the primary goal of revitalizing their online presence.

We embarked on a comprehensive redesign journey, addressing each challenge methodically:

  • Design Transformation

    We initiated the transformation by installing a new theme that harmonized with Culinary U's fresh brand identity. The heart of this identity was the introduction of the “Culinary U Market" – a digital supermarket housing their gourmet food products.

  • Product Organization

    After receiving an exhaustive list of products from Culinary U, our team meticulously organized these items. We identified unique attributes for each product that would allow customers to filter and sort items effortlessly. For instance, their wine selection could be sorted by grape variety, region, and year.

  • Design Excellence

    With a revamped product organization in place, we shifted our focus to the store's aesthetics. It was crucial to differentiate the supermarket-like section from the event promotion section clearly. In addition to revamping the design, we re-crafted the “copy" to align with the brand's new direction.

  • Event Promotion

    Recognizing the importance of promoting their culinary events, we dedicated personalized pages to each event service. These pages included custom forms for potential customers to request additional event information.

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The Results

The redesign of Culinary U's online store yielded remarkable results:

  • Enhanced Product Discovery

    We implemented a new navigation menu and filters for essential product attributes, making it significantly easier for customers to find and explore products.

  • Brand Representation

    The revamped “copy" of the store now effectively represents Culinary U's new brand identity, aligning it with their gourmet offerings.

  • User Experience Improvement

    By creating a dedicated “Culinary U Market”, customers could now easily purchase high-quality foods. Additionally, they could sign up for upcoming culinary events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

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This transformation boosted both online food product sales and culinary event bookings, revitalizing Culinary U's online presence. Moreover, the redesigned store empowered Culinary U with comprehensive data tracking and analysis capabilities, enabling data-driven decisions as the brand continues to flourish.

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